Why Are We

Service to humanity is manifested through a humble way of giving back to the society. Service to nature is done through peaceful co-existence with the forces of nature, where the elements of earth, water, wind and fire combine to the soul’s delight. Service to animals is apparent through ‘open house’ to cows, birds, cats, dogs and all forms of life at the sanctuary. Service to oneself is appreciated through daily morning practice, healthful green meals three times a day, drum circles, live music and knowledge sharing sessions.

Missions and values

To provide an environment where individuals from all walks of life can join together in unique experiences, discovering their own potential through distressing and meaningful output.

Our Practices

Distressing: with years of experience conducting numerous courses for the Art of Living, The Soul Sanctuary is the place to provide the right environment, instructors and experience to help cleanse individuals from the stresses of their daily lives.


The Soul Sanctuary intends to bring creative individuals from all fields together to put their talents towards meaningful ends, creating through collaboration.

Alternate Living

The Soul Sanctuary wishes to raise awareness regarding sustainable and environmentally friendly living. It will endeavour to do this through practice and teaching while also embodying this on its own premises.