Who Are We

Our story

The Soul Sanctuary is an initiative to explore human potential. With the bustle of modern life constantly nipping at our heels, and the benchmarks of success crumbling around us, the need to regress, to revert to a state of harmony and most importantly, happiness is of paramount importance and The Soul Sanctuary aims to effect such a ‘regression.’ The brainchild of Shahnaz Minallah, The Soul Sanctuary is inspired by an Ashram that she visited years ago where it became apparent to her that modern life as we know it wasn’t the answer as those in the ashram, without possessions or 9 to 5s were living contented, minimalistic lives dedicated to the spirit from which flowed happiness. It was in this ashram that Ms. Minallah realized the importance of community and within this, communal living.

The Soul Sanctuary aims to be the first of its kind in the country, being a commune where individuals from any walk of life can enter and leave with a profound sense of themselves, being cleansed in the process. Like any sanctuary, it seeks to be a respite from the stresses around us, providing knowledge and comfort in an environment where individuals can de-stress on multiple levels.

Of course it is this very environment from which The Soul Sanctuary draws its other focus – the meeting of minds. Communes or collectives have traditionally formed towards an end, that is for a purpose and at The Soul Sanctuary we wish to provide a setting where artists and musicians, thinkers and creator can come together through action and discourse and yield meaningful outcomes of their distressing.

In addition to this, The Soul Sanctuary is keen to promote the concept of Alternate Living where we as human beings live in harmony with our environments and Nature, creating lifestyles that reflect an inner and outer agreement, building awareness and offering alternatives.

Who Is She

Shahnaz Minallah has been a teacher of the Art of Living since 2005. In a country set in its way, person to person she has been at it unconditionally – converting the depressed, the lost, the scared. People are always looking for an escape. But what they do not realize is that it is the perspective inside makes their outer world look so grim. The Art of Living is a revolutionary tool for aligning the mind, body and soul. After years of giving it her all, she has decided to take it to the next level. By starting a weekend wellness centre and other projects under Soul Sanctuary, she has opened the doors of the Art of Living headquarters in Pakistan, which also happens to be her humble abode – carefully designed and built over the past years as a place for people to commune and change the way they think, and be open to a world where people can truly live the art by following a carefully guided day.