Our Story 

SOUL SANCTUARY brings your organization the ultimate strategic getaway focused on the well-being of your team, your people. We put together itineraries that breathe awakening, reflection, nurturing, renewal and centering into your life. Our unique de-stressing and self-help practices, developed over years of experience, form the core of our activities. We adhere to the universal rhythm of day and night: rising early in the morning to the sun and winding down the moon.

Our residential and rehabilitation space is the place to be: our instructors and natural environment bring together individuals to find peace, nourishment and strength when overcoming and cleansing the stresses of daily lives. Our mission is to spread peace and good health in a natural environment.

What’s more, there’s live music, knowledge, interfaith harmony, dance, drama, rafting, laughter, games and wading in the serene Rawal lake overlooking the towering Margalla hills. Last, but not the least, there are drum circles for rhythmic soul seekers. We also conduct Happiness Programs and Advanced Silence Retreats of world famous breathing exercises, besides youth empowerment through Youth Life skills.

A part of the venue can also be booked for soul satisfying private evenings and luncheons.

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