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We Help Our Participants in Reducing Anxiety, and Raise Their Energy!

Bringing Back a Clear and Positive State of Mind!

Bringing Back a Happy You, so You Can Live The Life of Your Dreams!


To increase strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness.


To rewire your brain towards positivity and self-control.


To help you relax, focus, and lower stress in the body.


To keep you well informed about how your mind and body operates.

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The Soul Sanctuary Program: A Uniquely Powerful Combination

The Happiness Program is placed over a period of six relaxed yet focused days.
Few of the many benefits you will acquire over the course of this journey

Align Your Body, Soul & Mind to Live a Long and Meaningful Life

Constant anxiety, stress, and tension can gradually suck the life out of you. This retreat prepares you to take charge of your own well-being and restore your peace of mind. We will help you be the positive energy you want to surround yourself with.

Shahnaz MinAllah

This course is designed to clear your energy blocks and generate higher levels of
productivity ~ energy ~ excitement and enthusiasm in yourself.

Are you ready to meet your new-self

Discover The Power of Happiness Program Breathing Exercises

Breathing is so natural that we often forget to do it effectively. Your quality of life increases manifold when you incorporate these breathing techniques in your typical day.

Over 70 independent studies conducted on four continents and published in peer review journals have demonstrated a comprehensive range of benefits that can be achieved with this minor lifestyle change.

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Shahnaz MinAllah

“The Soul of the Soul Sanctuary lies in Service – service to Humanity, service to Nature, service to Animals and service to Oneself”

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Learn practices that go beyond the workshop hours. Retain consistency and a deep sense of satisfaction by incorporating the learned techniques in your daily routine with access to weekly practice groups.


This program not only connects you with your inner self but also aids in developing new relationships and mending old ones with others. It enables you to cherish, celebrate, and maintain stable connections in your life.


Take charge of your well-being. Create a state of calm and mindfulness by embracing self-empowering techniques that will prepare you to deal with daunting challenges of fast paced life.


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